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What Are Human Skin Color Disorder Disease Vitiligo and How it Can Be Treated

Vitiligo, auto immune disease, in which milky white patches come into view on skin generally on face arms, legs and elbows. Most accepted view about the appearance of vitiligo is that a few times our auto immune system receives pigments as unknown and an assault on them makes them weaker and can even devastate them. This phenomena is named De-pigmentation. Pigments are answerable for the coloration of skin once they damage they can’t function accurately again, thus causes vitiligo. There are some factors that cause vitiligo as follow:

Genetic oxidative intense imbalance

An auto immune disorder

A viral cause

Immense stress

A neural cause

Harm to the skin due to sunburn or cut

Exposure to certain chemicals

People suffer from vitiligo faces numerous tricky situations. This disorder leaves a negative impact on a person’s life. Many cases come into view where a patient hesitate to interact with the society because he\she thinks that individuals may hate them and don’t notice. Many such cases leads to the breaking of relationships and vitiligo affected person may even leave their jobs. All such situation in which culture boycotts a individual or in which individual boycotts society leads the life of a usual person to depression and ruin their lives.

Vitiligo Skin Disorder
Vitiligo Skin Disorder

Treatments for Vitiligo

For the recovery of vitiligo, number of treatment options is obtainable. But it should be kept in mind that its cure is not achievable but treatment can be done. Treatments are classified as


Medical therapies

Much sort of medical therapies for the treatment of vitiligo has been made. These therapies make artificial pigmentation and skin disease is well again. These therapies are:

Oral psoralen photo chemotherapy (oral therapy)

Topical corticosteroid

Topical psoralen plus ultraviolet

Topical immunomodulators

Excimer laser

Narrow band ultraviolet

But there are drawbacks as well. Approximately all the therapies have a number of side effects, which may reason headaches, skin cancer etc. Then there are a number of surgical treatments to get well vitiligo. In this method pigmentation is started by transplantation of T-CELLS from healthy pigmentation part to de-pigmented area of the body. Number of surgical therapies is obtainable as:

Tattooing (micro pigmentation)

Blisters grafting

Autologous skin graft

Then there are a lot of surgical and medical treatments are accessible but no accessible worldwide or numerous patients have not access or affordances because these therapies are under research For example a new therapy named “autologous melancocyte” is under inspection.


Homeopathic treatments for Vitiligo

Homeopathic recovery options are the oldest and the helpful method of recovering vitiligo but progression are also made in homeopathic field.

   Natural   Treatment for Vitiligo with Herbal Ingredients and Oil
Natural Treatment for Vitiligo with Herbal Ingredients and Oil

Natural Herbal Treatment for Vitiligo

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a tree which is very old on the Earth and its seeds and leaves had been used in medicine largely for a very long period. Ginkgo extracts have been exposed to be helpful for the recovery of dissimilar diseases, such as varicose vein, allergies, premenstrual syndrome, vertigo, headache and others [1]. In the last few years, gingko extracts have also been used for the Vitiligo Natural Treatment. The medicine is formulated into a tablet of dissimilar dosage, which must be taken orally once to 3 times a day, for more than 90 days.


Khellin, Cucumis melo and Coconut oil are also very famous ingredients which are largely used in different type of medicine for different disease. Coconut oil is one of the effective ailments which used in herbal Vitiligo Oil which is very helpful in the natural treatment of vitiligo skin condition.

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